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The Extraordinary Adventure at Mt. Daraitan, Tanay, Rizal.








Personally speaking, I’m not really into mountain climbing. I hate those kinds of outdoor activities that suck up all of your energy. But I guess, there’s always a first time for everything……

Now before I continue my adventure at Mt. Daraitan, I just wanna give you, my dear readers, a little background on how and why I finally decided to give mountain climbing a try. After all, this is my personal blog.

Days before the adventure, it came to my knowledge that I was one of the few agents of Sprint to be transferred to a different program/account because of redundancy. It was a really sad time. I’ll be separated from my friends and teammates whom I consider as my second family. It was not easy. I was sad the whole week. I need to get out and try something new, something I’ve never tried before. Something that will help me overcome that loneliness and will help me to be ready to face a brand new battle. Let me tell you; IT WAS WORTH THE TRY!



ABOVE: selfies taken before the climb (taken at the office). BOTTOM: selfies taken after the climb at Mt.Daraitan!

Velvet Friends Pet Cafe

If you’re a pet or animal lover and has a sweet tooth at the same time, the Velvet Friends Pet Cafe¬†is the newest¬†place for you and your friends to enjoy!

A must see/go for all cat and dog lovers out there! Enjoy two hours of company of your furry friends while enjoying the tasty desserts they offer inside the cafe!

Before entering the cat sanctuary, you’ll be given your designated cat I.D’s and a few drops of hand sanitizers to keep you hands clean.

Just make sure you bring your own socks with you as it is required to be worn inside the pet cafe. Yes, shoes are not allowed inside. No socks? no worries. You can also purchase a pair inside the store. They have colorful designs available for you.

There are at least ten cats inside with different breeds; there’s also a puspin¬†or Pusang Pinoy! You’re not allowed to wake them up if they are sleeping. You’re also not allowed to disturb them if they are eating or drinking water. Cat combs are also present inside so you can brush their long, thick hair (they would love it!). Laser pen toys are also available to use; but cats are known to be very lazy so they might just ignore it! LOL!

What I like about Velvet Friends is that it’s so accessible and the overall area is perfect for family bonding . It is within the Cluster H of ¬†Blue Bay Walk EDSA Cor Macapagal Blvd, Pasay City. Minutes away from Mall of Asia. Blue Bay Park has stores, restaurants and an amusement park so you’ll never run out of places to go!

Final Note : Although we were not able to enter the dog cafe, I was still able to take a photo of some of the dogs there. 


Velvet Friends is open from 11 AM Р10 PM.

Pinto Art Museum, Antipolo City

Located at 1 Sierra Madre St., Grand Heights Rd, Antipolo, Rizal is a popular bonding place among couples and group of friends who are looking for some fun adventure outside the over polluted and over populated Metro Manila.

Showcasing the best of Filipino arts and serving delicious foods at the same time; the Pinto Museum is a groufie (or selfie) worthy spot.


Me and my friends went here on ¬†a Sunday and the fee is around 200php. I’m not sure if that’s the weekend rate because I thought it is only a little over 160php. ¬†Bags are allowed except for backpacks; I’m not sure why probably because there’s a tendency you’ll accidentally hit the displays if you move around.


There’s also a cafe/restaurant inside although it’s a little bit pricey. So if you don’t feel like spending too much on foods; eat a lot before going inside or might as well resist that hunger since there are plenty of cheap restaurants waiting for you outside.

What I like about Pinto is that, most rooms are well ventilated.¬†You can also lay down on the sofa and rest if you’re tired of walking.


The Pinto Art Museum is open from Tuesday-Sunday, 9 AM – 6 PM.

My Experience @ The National Museum PH

If you’re a big fan of Philippine history or Filipino arts (like me) or you just simply wanna travel and you’re looking for a place that is very accessible and cheap at the same time(again, like me); then the National Museum of the Philippines might be a good idea!

For those of you who have been in the museum in the past, well in my case I first visited this museum almost 5 years ago during my college days since this is very near my campus; I’m pretty sure you’re not really expecting too much from this place. But let me tell you this; after few years, the National Museum has improved A LOT. Yes, A LOT. Me and my best friend arrived at around 12 pm and we found ourselves going around the area until quarter-to-5! That’s almost 5 hours! Aside from the fact that the most parts of the museum are now air conditioned, the access to different floors are now made easier because of the elevator! Yup, you don’t have to tirelessly climb the stairs so you could go to your¬†next destination! Though most of the floors are still not available and under renovation especially the upper floors of the building. The rest rooms are also very impressive! It’s very clean (probably because it haven’t been used that much), it smells good and there’s water and soap- how would you not love that!

These are some of the artworks you’ll see in the museum.

The Philippine archipelago is surrounded by water so it’s no surprise that we’re rich in sea shells in different shapes and sizes!
The Assassination of Gov. Bustamante and His Son Spain (El Asesinato Del Gobernador Bustamante y Su Hijo) by Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo.

Just a quick reminder, you could take pictures of the artworks as much as you want but don’t get too close to it. The security guards are way more strict but that’s completely understandable because hey, these masterpieces are hundreds of years old already! And oh, you’re also not allowed to copy the poses of the statues. That’s a display of disrespect.

Stations of the Cross. (By an unknown Bohol Master).

Jesus meets his mother.
The Holy Family.
The Baptism of Jesus by San Juan Bautista. (Painting by Simon Flores.)
Our Lady of Pilar de Zaragoza
Our Lady of the Rosary.

The museum is open Tuesdays to Sundays, from 10am to 5pm. Before, there was an entrance fee except every Sunday but now, the museum are permanently free of charge since July 1st 2016! So there’s no excuse of not going to this beautiful place that showcases our rich culture and heritage! Since the museum is located inside the Luneta Park, it’s better to bring young kids and students with you so they could appreciate our own history even more. The easiest way to reach The Philippine National Museum is through LRT. It is only a few walks away from the United Nations Station.

UPDATE: National Museum just re-tweeted my post! I'll definitely visit again!