The Extraordinary Adventure at Mt. Daraitan, Tanay, Rizal.








Personally speaking, I’m not really into mountain climbing. I hate those kinds of outdoor activities that suck up all of your energy. But I guess, there’s always a first time for everything……

Now before I continue my adventure at Mt. Daraitan, I just wanna give you, my dear readers, a little background on how and why I finally decided to give mountain climbing a try. After all, this is my personal blog.

Days before the adventure, it came to my knowledge that I was one of the few agents of Sprint to be transferred to a different program/account because of redundancy. It was a really sad time. I’ll be separated from my friends and teammates whom I consider as my second family. It was not easy. I was sad the whole week. I need to get out and try something new, something I’ve never tried before. Something that will help me overcome that loneliness and will help me to be ready to face a brand new battle. Let me tell you; IT WAS WORTH THE TRY!



ABOVE: selfies taken before the climb (taken at the office). BOTTOM: selfies taken after the climb at Mt.Daraitan!

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