Velvet Friends Pet Cafe

If you’re a pet or animal lover and has a sweet tooth at the same time, the Velvet Friends Pet Cafe is the newest place for you and your friends to enjoy!

A must see/go for all cat and dog lovers out there! Enjoy two hours of company of your furry friends while enjoying the tasty desserts they offer inside the cafe!

Before entering the cat sanctuary, you’ll be given your designated cat I.D’s and a few drops of hand sanitizers to keep you hands clean.

Just make sure you bring your own socks with you as it is required to be worn inside the pet cafe. Yes, shoes are not allowed inside. No socks? no worries. You can also purchase a pair inside the store. They have colorful designs available for you.

There are at least ten cats inside with different breeds; there’s also a puspin or Pusang Pinoy! You’re not allowed to wake them up if they are sleeping. You’re also not allowed to disturb them if they are eating or drinking water. Cat combs are also present inside so you can brush their long, thick hair (they would love it!). Laser pen toys are also available to use; but cats are known to be very lazy so they might just ignore it! LOL!

What I like about Velvet Friends is that it’s so accessible and the overall area is perfect for family bonding . It is within the Cluster H of  Blue Bay Walk EDSA Cor Macapagal Blvd, Pasay City. Minutes away from Mall of Asia. Blue Bay Park has stores, restaurants and an amusement park so you’ll never run out of places to go!

Final Note : Although we were not able to enter the dog cafe, I was still able to take a photo of some of the dogs there. 


Velvet Friends is open from 11 AM – 10 PM.


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