Sex Before Marriage: It’s My Choice.


First of all, let me start this article by stating the reason(s) why I chose this as my next topic after being away from blogging for the past five months. As you noticed, my first five articles are all about music or the entertainment industry in general. And since I visit music blogs and showbiz websites everyday, I feel like there’s no need for me to post what’s already on the internet. So coming up with a more serious topics in the future might be the best solution for me instead of draining my brain by over-thinking  about what should I write next. After all, I blog to release stress and to feel better about myself; not the other way around. My job is stressful enough for me to handle.

This topic bothers me for months now. You see, I’m 22 yrs.old. I am an N-G-S-B (No Girlfriend Since Birth). Although I am not really in a hurry to have one, you can’t really blame me. Being single is my choice. I don’t know why but I just can’t see myself (yet) having a special someone. I have way too many plans and goals on my bucket list that I need to prioritize; and sadly, having a partner isn’t listed. I enjoy being single and I am in my happiest state right now. I just started my “new” life last September so I just wanna make the most out of it; with no commitment and just enjoy being free and being with the people that I love and who I wanna be with.

But just because I have ZERO commitment with someone doesn’t mean I could have sex with almost everyone I want. I do respect myself. My body is the temple of my soul. Sleeping with someone is not my thing. And it will never be.  I do know a lot of people doing one-night-stand;two-night-stand and I don’t mind. It’s their own business. What I don’t like are those people who think the more they can score, the cooler they become. I have so many things to do, stuff that can help me improve as a person. I’d rather make myself busy by doing meaningful activities than getting laid every weekend.


Cop a gander of Brandy and her song ‘No Such Thing As Too Late’! The lyrics sums up everything I want to say about this post.  While the hottest music nowadays promotes sex, this song is all about waiting for the right person you could give yourself to.

‘Cause I ain’t into laying with just anybody. Baby i ain’t trying to kill my body so soon.”


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