Is 2014 the WORST year for K-Pop?

I started listening to K-Pop since 2007. You know what they say, once you entered the world of K-Pop, you can never go out.


……. And i don’t want to. As a matter of fact; my K-Pop obsession is at its peak last year. Yup, compared to the previous years, I’ve been more attached to K-Pop just recently.




My SoShi addiction makes me watch Girls’ Generation videos everyday, I’ve become more and more attached to the OnKey couple and i’m starting to use K-Pop to describe my personality.


images (1)


2014 made me realize how fun it is to be a K-Pop fan. Before, i used to hide my craziness with the Korean culture as people might find it weird or silly. But I’ve realized that it makes me unique and even if I don’t understand the lyrics, catchy K-Pop songs top my playlist all the time!!

Unfortunately, 2014 also showed me the other side of K-Pop. And it’s not happy on that place. I don’t wanna go there, but I have to.

Are you ready to enter the DARK side?

Here’s the proof of why 2014 is the WORST year for K-Pop…….


images (3) images (2)





images (1)


When I say “I love Mr. Mr!” , I’m referring to Girls’ Generation ‘s song; not the boy group. Although I’m not interested in listening to any of their songs, I can tell that they are a promising boy band based on the comments of my fellow K-Poppers. 

February 11 this year, a transgender woman posted a controversial status on her Facebook. According to her, she and a male idol were living together, having a sexual relationship and the idol took her money after he was signed with an agency and being able to join a boy group.

Although the allegations were revealed to be all lies by the transgender herself, the damage has been done. The group’s image and their emerging fan base were affected.


Hon happens to be the latest addition to the group ( he joined October last year) and the first one to leave as well. 




I’m not a Blackjack but I enjoy 2NE1 ‘s music. MTBD or Mental Breakdown is a stand-out track from Crush. Since I am a Catholic, I’m not familiar with the Quran and how to recite it. Maybe that’s the reason why I didn’t notice the Quran sample while I’m listening to this song. Although I honestly think that they never meant to disrespect the Muslim community; it was really offensive and I completely understand the Korean Muslim Federation if somehow they felt like a verse from Quran should not be used for any types of entertainment especially a hip-hop song like Mental.

As a huge K-Pop fan, I’m pretty glad that YG made a quick response to the outrage. They already removed the controversial part of the song.

Here is CL in all her glory performing the edited version of the song.



download (1)

The issue surrounding KARA members Nicole and Jiyoung and their expired contract with DSP media has been going on since late last year until earlier this year. Although Nicole already left the group and went straight to America before 2013 ends, the group’s maknae also followed her unnie’s footsteps. 

She went to London to study language and acting classes. She’s still young and she’s leaving the group not to pursue a solo career but to study and to grow. Who knows, maybe she will come back as a mature and charismatic woman in the future. So keep you head up gurl and stand out!

MAY, 2014



EXO (K and M) debuted in April 8, 2012; four years after SHINee‘s. Since they are from SM Entertainment – the label responsible for creating K-Pop legends Super Junior, Girls’ Generation , BoA , TVXQ , Kangta , Shinhwa  and S.E.S ; the anticipation and expectation for the group was extremely high. Composing of 12 good-looking guys, EXO skyrocketed on top of the charts all over Asia and won the hearts of many fangirls. 


I’m still not familiar with EXO when Kris ( Wu Yi Fan) decided to leave.  I don’t know what has been going on on their fandom during that time. But since EXO was very popular and an active group, reports stated that Kris wanted to nullify his contract with SM because of his health conditions particularly his heart disease. This case was very similar to Hangeng, the first Chinese celebrity to debut in K-Pop when he was a member of SuJu. Just like Kris, he stated that his contract with the company  included unfair sharing of profits and he was forced to do activities not included in the contract ended him having kidney failure due to overwork, again just like Kris‘.


Other Exo members also showed their disappointment towards the Chinese member by calling his actions ‘irresponsible’ , leaving messages of disappointments during interviews and unfollowing him on Instagram

In my own opinion, you can’t really blame the members if somehow they felt that Kris betrayed them simply because he left in such a wrong timing! By the time he filed a case against SM, they are still promoting ‘Overdose‘ and was in the middle of preparations for their first concert ‘The Lost Planet‘. So imagine the stress that he caused as they need to re-arrange the choregraphy and blockings; as well as assigning memebrs who will cover his parts on their songs. Anyways, moving on to the next topic………..


JUNE, 2014


As if Kris‘ departure is not enough for Exo-Ls to contain, another scandal shook the fandom when a ‘sasaeng’ fan installed a hidden camera inside Luhan’s hotel room; shocking everyone after she posted the photo below. 

Although the fan already apologized, having an obsessed fan following the idols everywhere is very traumatic for them. You don’t know how far they can go to hurt them. 


For those of you who are not familiar with what ‘sasaeng’ means, as described by Soompi, they are extreme fans who stalk their idols and invade their privacy with questionable methods. There are HUNDREDS of reports and cases of how a sasaeng fan can hurt the celebrity either mentally or physically. Every K-Pop group have their own share of sasaeng stories following them everywhere.



20140618_seoulbeats_taeyeon_baekhyun EXO-Baekhyun-and-SNSDs-Taeyeon-are-dating-8 taeyeon_baekhyun-140619

“Thou shall not break a fangirl’s heart.” To be honest I don’t see anything wrong with Taeyeon and Baekhyun dating. Beakhyun is not my bias in EXO but the dude is really, really dorky and he always makes me laugh with his foolishness. Taeyeon, on the other hand is SNSD ‘s most mysterious member. During the earlier days of Girls’ Generation,up until the Genie era, Taengoo used to be so funny and dorky but she has changed a lot since then. I love her and as I’ve mentioned earlier, Baekhyun is such a funny guy so I’m really happy for them and I’m sure he makes Taeyeon laugh. 

However, I think it was easier for me to say this since Taeyeon is not my bias in GG and even if my bias Jessica starts dating, yes, I might be jealous but it won’t hurt me that much. As if I had a chance at her, and remember that our bias idol doesn’t even aware of our existence!

So to all Baekyun fangirls out there, just move on and no matter how much you love your bias, you are not / and will never be part of their private life and you need to respect them as well.

Video: Fans calling Baekhyun a ‘traitor’.




Crush‘ is the title of 2NE1 ‘s highly-anticipated second studio album; and it also described the fate of member Park Bom during the last period of their promotions as the public literally ‘crashed’ her down after it was revealed that the group’s main vocalist smuggled 82 pills of amphetamines. Although the incident happened 4 years ago, the scandal will haunt Bom forever as there were still some questions left unanswered such as 1.)  if the drug is illegal in Korea, then how come she was forgiven and wasn’t punished?, 2.) did she use the drug for medical purposes or something else?….


JULY, 2014



Calling Sulli a pretty girl is actually an understatement. As she matures; the f(x) ‘s visual maknae is getting more and more gorgeous as she matures. Fluorescent white skin, long legs and a sexy body. There’s no doubt Sulli is the one who ‘brings the boys out’! With a face like that, I’m pretty sure there are plenty of young, good-looking bachelors out there that would go head-over-heels for her. But it seems like young boys are not her style!

The 20-year old idol has been under fire several/multiple times in the past by dating Dynamic Duo‘s Choiza; who is by the way, 14 years older than her! Although their agencies denied their dating scandal, K-Netizens can’t be fooled and HELLO!!; they keep on denying their relationship but always going out in the public holding hands and getting cozy with each other.

sullimain vlcsnap-2013-10-01-14h45m28s234 wy92Pi56 20130926_1380161983_47153800_1_59_20130926122403 20140819_seoulbeats_sulli_choiza



Choiza’s stolen wallet with Sulli’s pictures on it.


AUGUST, 2014



120718Yoonjo download

From PLEDIS Entertainment comes HelLOVEnus; the sister group of After School and NU’EST. The girls are on their way to the top if only their label promoted them simultaneously. For a debuting group, it is really important to have a follow-up single immediately right after a successful one. Knowing how messy Pledis is when it  comes to promoting and supporting their artists, we’re not surprised that this one will happen. The label is filled with talented and good-looking idols but most of them are not promoting at all! Since when did we have an After School comeback? See, I can’t even remember. It seems like Orange Caramel is the only act under this label. But I’m not complaining! They are still a small company and as of the moment, the sub-unit consisting of Nana, Lizzy and Raina is the only money-maker of the company (aside from Son Dam Bi of course). 

HelLOVEnus is a joint project of Fantagio and Pledis Entertainment through Tricell Media.  Apparently, the two companies decided to part ways and the latter decided to take back their artists (Ara and Yoonjo) while the former will continue with HelLOVEnus keeping the remaining four members. And just this October, the girls returned with two new members Seoyoung and Yeoreum as well as a sexy [tiring,boring] concept with their song ‘Sticky Sticky‘.





I was never a fan of Mr. Kim and looks like I will never be. Kekeke. Being a mama’s boy (and proud) and growing up with two elderly sisters, I’ve gained a lot of respect for women in general. In my personal opinion, hurting someone physically is the worst thing you could do to a person. How can he do that to his girlfriend? For such a hunk like him, his ex-lover is totally helpless. Poor girl…








44-year old actor Lee Byung Hun was on the headlines last year not because of his good acting or his successful Hollywood crossover but for some embarrassing reasons. 

The actor himself reported two women on their 20’s to the Gangnam Station police. According to Mr. Lee, the women are blackmailing him for huge amount of money and if he’s not willing to pay, the girls will release a video of them drinking and flirting.

It was later revealed that the two women the actor accusing of blackmailing were model Lee Ji Yeon and GLAM‘s member Dahee. Although the two ladies apologized, I somehow really feel bad for Dahee as she admitted that the main reason she blackmailed the actor was because of her need for money as it was reported that the idol still owes a huge amount of money to her agency because of training expenses and since GLAM isn’t really active promoting ; she really needs to find another way to get money. Desperate times call for desperate measures.





download EunB-Funeral-9

All people who love K-Pop would agree that this is definitely the worst news this year. I mean, you biases might come and go, leave the group, file for a lawsuit and contract termination and all; but at the end of the day, your favorite member is healthy and alive. 

I love me some Ladies’ Code especially their song “Pretty Pretty‘. Although still considered as a rookie band and  a B-List girl group, the girls had a good run before the fatal car accident. The car crash came few days after my birthday. For a huge K-Pop fan like me, it’s really devastating. I can clearly remember the moment I visited and saw EunB ‘s face on the headline and wondered what’s up with her and why is she on the headlines, only to find out that she just died few minutes ago after clicking the article. 


One of the most heart-breaking pictures I’ve ever seen. EunB’s favorite banana toy found near the area of the accident.


While Korea mourns for the loss of EunB, the other 4 members are also on a critical condition especially RiSe who suffered major injury on her skull. Few days later, she also passed away and followed her closest member EunB in heaven….


One thing I love about K-Pop is us fans’ never-ending love for our favorite groups and other groups in general. All fandoms gathered together to download one of their underrated songs called ‘I’m Fine , Thank You‘ which perfectly fits the fate of the two young women who were gone before us. It was considered as the group’s first number one on music charts. Feels good, but it’s sad that we have to see two members die before people start paying attention to them. R.I.P.


Tears are blocking my sight again
In case I see you
It has already gotten late without me knowing
Again today, I only waited for you

I call out to you like a fool
Some day, you’ll see me too
I wait for a long time while tears well up
Like this, another day passes

Just for today, I cry
Be happy forever, good bye
It’s okay if you think of me and smile sometimes
I’m fine thank you
Thank you

If you go on with your life as nothing happened
You might forget me
Even if you remember me sometimes
I’ll be fine so don’t worry

When I miss you so much that it’s hard
Be the wind and blow over to me
Sometimes, call my name from the hill over there
Then run to me and hold me tight

I’m fine thank you
Thank you x2.





GG is my ultimate girl group and I never loved any other members the way I love our Ice Princess so it is easier for me to broadcast my opinion and how much I’ve hurt when Jessica was dropped from the band on a separate article. And here it is :




Luhan is the second member of Exo to leave the group; for reasons we don’t know exactly about. I’m already on my way to become an Exo-L when this news broke up. For others, it is because of health reasons, similar to Kris; that SM overworked them, and Luhan was so sick during their concert tours but the company didn’t allowed him to take some rest. It was also suspected that aside from health issues, it is more of a personal reason. According to Luhan‘s bestfriend, the Chinese member realized that his parents are getting old and he wants to take care of them.

However, as time passes it was known that one of Luhan‘s main reason to leave is because of the unfair treatment between Exo-K and Exo-M. In a nutshell, in his own point of view, Exo-M always get the shorter end of the stick and all the favors and support from SM Entertainemnt always go to Exo-K.




 This issue has been going on for months now, starting with Lee Joon not renewing his contract that has expired since October, followed by Thunder and rest is history. It was just this month that J. Tune Camp finally announced the departure of the two members.

Good luck boys!




141017-4minute-south-korea-jsw-721a_f458ee55d9601832edd1417e2f246bf8 download

I feel very,very sad for the victims. They are my fellow K-Pop fans who went to the concert just to have fun and to see their favorite artists and groups perform. That’s the main reason why the tragedy happened. The fans were eager to have a better of view of the stage, that’s why they have no choice but to stand on the ventilation grate as tall as a three-story building. It is heart-breaking to see that some of them died from this unfortunate K-Pop event. I hope this kind of news will not occur this year.





Korea has a lot of variety shows giving us, K-Pop fans more chances to see the different personalities of the members our idol groups. Weekly Idol is one of my favorites among these shows. 

The first week of November brought to light the issue about VIXX member Leo and his not-so-friendly attitude on Weekly Idol leaving the staff of the show unhappy hence the post about him by the writer of the show airing at MBC Every1 , Cha Yoon Ah:

“Has it been 2 years since I’ve last seen them when they debuted. To be honest, I wasn’t all that happy [to see them]..Because I really had a hard time filming their debut reality [show]. Because of the kids and agency as well”; “This would make my 2nd time meeting VIXX since ‘MyDOL’. The kids have not changed at all since their debut”; “As I write captions every week, at least one member in each group will say something fun and witty, I’m really not lying when I say there was no one this time. It’s not easy for me to feel like this as I’m a fan of male idols…”, and more along those lines.

Leo_1415243648_Cha_JAC (1)

If you are going against a popular group like VIXX, then be ready for a Twitter war with thousands of hate tweets coming to your notifications page, from the most delusional fan girls of K-Pop! 

In my personal view, it was kind of unprofessional for her part to post this on Twitter, but I do understand her disappointments. Maybe her team had a hard time editing the scenes since they can’t find a single clip that is too funny to broadcast; it’s a variety show in the first place. Plus, Leo is an entertainer. It is never wrong to show your true color/personality on TV but at least try to be energetic when you are promoting, since you also need to take care of your group’s public image as well. I just think it is too much for her to deactivate her Twitter account and to resign on her job.

Leo_1415254102_Leo VIXX-Leo_1415243749_af_org

Here are some clips from their infamous Weekly Idol guesting, as well as a short video of a shy and cold Leo posted by a fan on OneHallyu forums.




When we hear the slogan “we are one”, the boy group that comes to our mind is EXO of course. But there’s another boy group who seems to be more united than the former. It’s none other than BAP. While other idols wanted to leave their company as well as their respective groups individually, the six members joined forces to sue their current agency, TS Entertainment  in regards to the slave contract they have from the company.



images (1) images (2) images

Seriously, 2014 made it sure that it won’t end without its final shocker. She may not be as popular as Jessica but I love her just as much. Jooyeon is my favorite member from AfterSchool for one reason; just look at the set of pictures above. She is friggin’ gorgeous, more gorgeous than Nana if you ask me. But unfortunately, while Nana is getting all the phrase, Jupal remained unnoticed. It is quite sad that despite being one of the remaining original members(along with JungAh); she always get the shortest end of the stick. She debuted and graduated from her group but I felt like Pledis didn’t give her the chance to show her real talent. Anyways, i think it’s useless and too late for me to rant. She’s already gone and we ‘re not really sure if we will ever have an After School comeback in the near future. So goodluck girl, I hope people will notice you more now!

Lawsuits on my left, lawsuits on my right. Lawsuits everywhere! You have this bias on your favorite group, the next thing you know,  they’re gone. Seriously, what is with 2014!?! There’s got to be a negative vibe that traveled all year round around the k-pop world and I’m pretty sure that if we, k-Poppers around the world started our year with a positive outlook, it will do a domino effect and we will spread a positive vibe throughout 2015. I hope starting this month, visiting your favorite hallyu website won’t be a burden anymore. Kekekeke. hwaiting! HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Sae Hae Bok Mani Ba Deu Se Yo!!!!!!!

download (1) images (1)

fp_hcny_140131_exo images





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