Don’t Take Our Ice Princess! (Goodbye, Jessica)

I really took my time to post this. Probably because when the news was still fresh; I am too emotional that I’m afraid it will affect my opinion about the issue. Plus, I patiently waited for further statements from the 8 other members but K-Pop fans and SONEs got nothing but an apology and the generic “We promise to work harder” and ” Please give Girls’ Generation another chance” that we always heard from idols everytime they are on a scandal.  As of the moment, the only statement that we have was from SM Entertainment and from Jessica herself……..


…….and those statements are really contradicting.

Let’s be clear here. When Girls’ Generation debuted with Wonder Girls in 2007, I was always on the latter’s side. Though I never really hated them either. But when Wonder Girls took an indefinite hiatus, SNSD slowly climbed my ultimate girl group bias list. And that’s when I noticed Jessica‘s alluring beauty and gentle charm.

Sica is such a big part of SNSD. Losing her is like losing half of SoShi‘s life. And i’m not exaggerating here. I will give you FACTS.


Sica was the very first member of SNSD. Her training took seven years so she’s been with SM Entertainment for almost 15 years now. She was well-trained not only in singing but also in dancing. (Although I admit she seems to be very lazy to dance most of the time.)


Ms. Jung also works as one of the group’s visuals. Although SNSD in general are all gorgeous and often called ‘Nine Goddesses’; Sica has one of the biggest following, esp. from the male fans (like your blogger ❤ ) .


MaoMao (Jessica‘s Chinese nickname), along with Taeyeon are the main vocalists of the group. Although Sica‘s voice is weak compared to Taengoo‘s solid vocal prowess; I often mistaken Seohyun to be Taeyeon and vice versa when listening to SNSD‘s songs. But everytime Jessica‘s lines come, you know it’s her. Nobody can sound like her (not even Tiffany). She has a unique silky-smooth, high-pitched voice and I can’t imagine a Girls’ Generation song (in the future) without her voice.


I really love Jessica so much. Although I don’t want to be a delulu fanboy, I just can’t resist her. She’s everything I’m looking for, for a girl.  Honestly, when she said that she got dropped from her group by SM and the eight other members as well, I can’t explain the pain I felt. I was totally disappointed with the girls, whom I also love dearly. It’s not right to judge the other GG members that fast. But as a butthurt fan, I can’t help but to express my anger towards them. I unfollowed them on Instagram and I also posted hate Tweets to SeoHyun and their official Twitter account.




SONEs are right, we don’t (and we will never) know what really happened between Jessica, the other members and SM Entertainment. It is really up to us if we will keep supporting Jessica alone, or we will still support Girls’ Generation as 8. I’m not sure yet. Yes, I’m still mad at Sunny, SooYoung, Yoona, Yuri, Fanny, TaeTae, SeoBaby and Hyo. But I know in my heart I still love them, but the way I look at them will never be the same. It is really bittersweet.

Netizens also said that this isn’t the first time that an idol started a fashion line while currently promoting as a member of their respective groups; the best example would be their fellow SM artist Yesung who are still active as a Super Junior member while enjoying his $$ from his own fashion brand. JYP Entertainment‘s Jia (miss A) and Taecyeon (2 PM) also have their own lines but their fellow members as well their agency are very supportive. But it’s Girls’ Generation we’re talking about here. Every group has its own rules. Maybe for GG, it’s unforgivable for a member to start doing other endeavors outside the group. It’s either they don’t want Jessica to use the group’s brand to promote her fashion business; or they forced her out of the group because other members will start to prioritize their own activities to, after her (if Jessica can do it, why can’t we?). And SM won’t like it. After all, SNSD is still the biggest money-maker of the company; dominating Asia and the world.


Plus, even though Sica said it again and again that the group is still her top priority; maybe the 8 other members doesn’t feel the same. Remember that before their fan meeting in Shenzhen, China, Jessica was in New York and just get back to catch her flight to China.  Who knows, maybe she missed a lot of group rehearsals and while the other girls can’t make it to all of Girls’ Generation ‘s schedules just like her; at least they are promoting the group and it is still under the management of SM Entertainment ( e.g. TaeTiSeo ‘s ‘Holler‘ promotions and SooYoung filming a drama ). 

It is never wrong to follow your dreams and to do what you love while you’re still young. Every SONEs know that Jessica wanted to start her fashion brand ever since. But let’s be real here. It is easier said than done. Realistically speaking, it is humanely impossible for her to study in New York , doing her fashion business and still promoting with Girls’ Generation.

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To Jessica noona, take care always. It’s nice to see you healthier and stronger. We know it’s really hard for you and we know how you felt when the people you’ve been with for fifteen years turned their backs on you. I’m attracted to you mainly because of you beauty. But I admire you even more because you dream BIG. I hope BLANC and ECLARE will be a success and goodluck to your future endeavors as well! Tyler Kwon is so lucky to have you ( jealous!) . ~~Hwaiiiting! ~~


Here are some reactions of SONEs with Jessica’s departure. It really made me cry. ☹ ☹


And here it is, the last video where we can see OT9………..

Dear readers, 

If you wanna read SM Entertainment’s statement, here it is :

For Jessica Jung’s own testimony, it is available to read here.   






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