the BEST covers. (Studio Versions)

Welcome to the BEST covers series! This is a feature on my blog that shines a light on the best song covers. This will be divided into two parts; the LIVE version and the STUDIO version.

RUN (Original by Snow Patrol and covered by Leona Lewis )

I instantly became a fan of Snow Patrol after hearing Chasing Cars and Signal Fire on the radio. This is also a masterpiece but this is nothing compared to the aforementioned tracks.

When I heard Leona’s version for the first time, I knew I heard that same song before. The X-factor winner made me realized that this is so much better than any other Snow Patrol songs.


THE OTHER WOMAN (Original by Nina Simone and covered by Lana Del Rey )

Nothing can touch the original version of this song. Nina ‘s music is and will always be phenomenal. However, I will give Lana the credit as she deserves to. She made it her own song ( no one expect Lana to sing a jazz song), and even if it’s not an original composition, her vocals are at its finest.


CAN’T GIVE UP NOW  ( Original by  Mary Mary and covered by Mariah Carey )

The ‘We Belong Together’ diva introduced me to this song. But the Campbell sisters’ rendition has a different feel on it. I like this one better because Mariah ‘s version sounds ‘over-produced’ to me.

Heavenly ( No Ways Tired/ Can’t Give Up Now ) is simply a stand-out track on Mimi‘s 14th studio album. I don’t know why Can’t Give Up Now is just considered as a sample when clearly, she made a full cover of the Gospel track.

SUGAR RUSH  (Original by  A*TEENS  and covered by Dreamstreet )

As cheezy* as it gets, but A*Teens hit me hard with this one. As much as I hate it; but I found myself repeating this track over and over again. ‘Sugar’ is climbing up on my list as the best A*Teens song; along with Floorfiller and the eternal Upside Down.

……too bad, this isn’t even their OWN song. Yup, I was pretty disappointed too when I found out. Anyways, covering/sharing songs isn’t a new trend for the group as they originally formed to remake ALL the songs of ABBA. Don’t worry, those songs are not on my list.

Here is the version of the American boy-band Dreamstreet ; released only two months after  the radio debut of the  A*Teens ‘ version.

DO MY DANCE ( Original by Tyga and covered by Cassie )

Looking for some ‘pussy-anthem’ song? You do? Well both version will work for ‘ya. The “Do my dance on your d*ck” part is sooo cathy tho.


TO LOVE SOMEBODY ( Original by the Bee Gees and covered by Michael Bolton )



Bolton wasn’t the first and definitely won’t be the last to cover this song. But vocal-wise, his version is my most favorite.

I WANT TO KNOW WHAT LOVE IS  ( Original by Foreigner  and covered by Mariah Carey and Tina Arena )

The signature song of British-American band Foreigner. Another example of a masterpiece loved by all generations. Mariah was the latest mainstream artist to make a cover of this song. Although it’s not a Top 40 hit, it will go down as one of the most-loved Mariah karaoke songs. A better favorite of mine is Tina Arena ‘s version in 1998. I loved the ”Lord help me to be strong…” part ( which was not included on the original version) all the way down to the high notes.

BORN TO BE A LADY ( recorded by Girls’ Generation / remake by Demi Lovato as ‘MISTAKE’ )

One of the most-loved Japanese ballads by SoShi. Even the girls get teary-eyed everytime they perform the song. This is just so beautiful.

And even if they are on their way to their 4th Japanese album; their debut album will always be the best. Even Korean SONes (their fandom name) will agree that their discography in Japan is better than their Korean releases.

Composed and produced by Leah Haywood, Daniel James and Shelly Peiken  (the same team who worked with SNSD ) gave Lovato this song and she instantly loved it. I don’t know who recorded it first; but I heard GG ‘s version first and I love it more.

HOT SUMMER ( originally recorded by Monrose and covered by f(x) )

A German song turned into a K-Pop summer anthem. The result? AWESOMENESS. Amber , Luna , Victoria , Krystal and my baby Sulli filled my summer with cuteness and prettiness overload. f(x) ‘s version killed the original, hands down!   

tumblr_lmxrbyMP8r1qde6d8 tumblr_lmzbd5fCyM1qly4h7o1_400

Trivia: Sunny recently said in an interview that Girls’ Generation also recorded Hot Summer but later realized that the song suits f(x) more.


TAKE ME HOME ( song by Phil Collins ; covered by JoJo for her #LoveJo EP ).

It’s a shame I completely forgot how much I love this song and forgot to include it here on my list! But all is well now that I edited this post. Enjoy!





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