Lana Del Rey : Queen of Disaster and Ultraviolence.


                After the success of her previous releases ‘Lana Del Rey [EP] (2012), ‘Born To Die‘ [LP] (2012), ‘Paradise‘ [EP and album re-release] (2012) and ‘Tropico‘ [EP and short film] (2013); Lana Del Rey is back with her latest offering – 2014’s Ultraviolence. The announcement of this album came out as a beautiful surprise at least for me; as the QUEEN herself said in the past that she doesn’t have any interest in releasing a follow-up album after ‘Born’. 


              I have a very high expectation from this album. When you like the artist; it’s easier for you to fall in love with their songs. BTD gave me ‘Summertime Sadness’ , ‘Diet Mountain Dew’ , ‘National Anthem’ and my most fave ‘Dark Paradise‘. And, since I love Lana; don’t expect me to be too critical about ‘Ultra‘ ’cause I respect her vision as an artist.



This isn’t the first track on the album but I like to put it first on my playlist everytime simply because this is the best one ( in my opinion).  Everything about this song screams perfection and it slays me all the time!!

The song’s over-all aura will take you back to the ’70’s; as stated in the song. The sound is similar to your grandparents’ vinyl record collection.

Favorite #LanaQuote : ” Well my boyfriend’s in a band,
He plays guitar while I sing Lou Reed.”


images (5)

The opening track of the album. Lana’s vocals sounded different here. It’s a little too raspy and I love it that way. Don’t know if she did it on purpose; but she’s giving me Ariana Grande teas by eating out the words. I never really understood what she’s singin’.

The electric guitar at the beginning is perfection tho. Since this is track no. 1, it sets the mood for the rest of the album. It’s also kinda special to me becoz it was co-written by Lana’s guitarist; Blake Stranathan (a.k.a Blake Lee). My Instagram and Twitter followers know that I ship the Lana and Blake couple soooo much!


favorite #LanaQuote: ” Got your bible, got your gun,
And you like to party and have fun.
And I like my candy and your women,
I’m finally happy now that you’re gone. “



Boring song. Don’t get me wrong here; this is a masterpiece. We all have this certain song on our playlist that we don’t want to remove, but we press the ‘skip’ button everytime it plays. This is not the song that I need. It can’t help me stay up all night for my graveyard shift and it won’t give me the energy that I need while I’m riding the subway train @ 9PM everyday.

Favorite #LanaQuote: “My father’s love was always strong,
My mother’s glamour lives on and on,
Yet still inside I felt alone,
For reasons unknown to me.”



The title track and the 3rd official single. I’m not really sure if this track has a special meaning to Lana or it describes her romantic relationship. Well, i hope not. This song has been under fire for ‘glamorizing’ violence against women. And that, ladies and gentlemen is the reason why I am not a fan of this song. Everytime I listen to the lyrics; it reminds me of the 2012 New Delhi Bus Gang-rape incident.

Last July 30, 2014; an iPhone-shot music video was released under VICE‘s new music channel;  NOISEY.

Favorite #LanaQuote : “Cause I was filled with poison;
But blessed with beauty and rage.”


Produced by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys‘Shades ‘ was a quick follow-up to the lead single and kept the hype and momentum before the official release of the album.

An impressive track, I must say and I live for the tempo-change in the chorus!!

The MTV featured tattoo artist for the stars, Mark Mahoney  and directed by Beyonce‘s favorite director; Jake Nava .

Favorite #LanaQuote : ” My baby lives in shades of blue,
Blue eyes and jazz and attitude.
He lives in California too.
He drives a Chevy Malibu. “

images (1)




 “Down on the West Coast they got a sayin’.”

Charted and peaked at No.17 on Billboard Hot 100 , the song was released with universal critical acclaim. I was impressed with this comeback. The QUEEN never disappoints. From a mid-tempo pop and easy rock verse it shifts into a hypnotic chorus that everyone loves.

In order to promote the song, Lana’s VEVO released two videos :

For the official audio, click here.

For the official music video, click here.

Favorite #LanaQuote: “You’ve got the music in you, don’t you?”




An obsessed Lana. A sad Lana. A bad Lana.

The “Bonnie on the side” part is so catchy.

Being a mistress is not what she wants; but we haven’t seen her man, yet. So don’t judge.

Favorite #LanaQuote : “He’s got the fire and he walks with it,
He’s got the fire and he talks with it. “

side note:  Lana also made a cover of Nina Simone‘s “The Other Woman” which is also about being a concubine.


Favorite #LanaQuote : “I’m pretty when i cry.”

It’s sad, so sad.  It’s a sad, sad song. Can’t even finish it.

Don’t wanna hear Lana cry again :’-(

Listen to a broken-hearted Lana below.






My 2nd favorite track from UV. Can’t say much about the song as the lyrics itself is self-explanatory. Lana sings about her superficial side; she don’t want your love, she wants your MONEY, POWER AND GLORY.

Favorite #LanaQuote : You talk lots about God.
Freedom comes from the call.
But that’s not what this bitch wants.
No what I want at all.






The most controversial and attention-seeking title of all the songs from the album. In this song, Lana released her inner diva.

Favorite #LanaQuote: “Life is awesome, i confess. What i do, i do best.” , “Mimickin’ me’s a fuckin’ bore”.

Watch the Riviera girl as she gives the song a live treatment after the jump.






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